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Our mission is to help you ensure driver safety, enhance operational efficiency, and stay compliant while over the road.
We're fully FMCSA compliant so you're covered for roadside inspections and hours of service requirements.

Trucker Path ELD Pro

Trucker Path ELD Pro offers you 24/7 support

for your operation. You can view electronic

logs and send them to FMCSA.

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

We help you keep track of your IFTA for all

states that participate in IFTA. You can add

your fuel purchased, Trucker Path ELD Pro will

calculate miles per gallon according to

traveled distance and total fuel

automatically, you can view fuel tax

reporting, or view mileage by states.

Inspection Reports and Diagnostics

Trucker Path ELD Pro can automate the daily

inspection reports required by truckers.

It can also detect fault codes for

vehicle for alerts.

Idle Time Tracking

Trucker Path ELD Pro calculates utilization rates of

drivers and vehicles by recording idle time. You

can optimize drivers or vehicles operation

through utilization rates.

GPS Tracking

Optimize your fleet's operation with real time

tracking to see the location of your drivers and

assets. Fleet managers can review

their drivers’ location and driving performance.

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Hear From Our Customers

Our previous eLog had tons of problems, but since switching over the Trucker Path ELD Pro, we haven’t had a single issue. It was very easy to setup and actually less expensive than our previous one. Haven’t looked back since.

Roy Davidson

Fleet Owner of KEB Transport LLC

Hear From Our Customers

The great thing about Trucker Path ELD Pro is their fantastic support team. They're located right in Arizona and communication is a breeze. They are available 24/7 which really comes handy, and I actually get English speaking agents that helps me fix problems rather than beating around the bush.

Eli Roth

Fleet Manager of K&J LAST MILE LLC


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