Keeps You

Safe, Efficient,
and Compliant

Trucker Path ELD Pro

Trucker Path ELD Pro offers you 24/7 support for your operation. You can view electronic logs and send them to the FMCSA.

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

We help you keep track of your IFTA for all participating states. Trucker Path ELD Pro will calculate your MPG based on the distance travelled and fuel used. You can view your fuel tax reporting and mileage by states.

Inspection Reports and Diagnostics

Trucker Path ELD Pro can automate the daily inspection reports required by truckers. It can also detect fault codes for vehicle for alerts.

Idle Time Tracking

Trucker Path ELD Pro calculates utilization rates of drivers and vehicles by recording idle time. You can optimize drivers or vehicles operation through utilization rates.

GPS Tracking

Optimize your fleet operation with real time location tracking of your drivers and assets. Fleet manager can analyze their drivers’ location and driving performance.


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